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Technical Specs
PickUpBox Dimensions
Owners Guide, Printing3of6 Dated 2000.06dd As Found In GloveBox, Printing1to6

Ford V6~4.0L~SOHC engines evolved from much earlier V6~1.8L~OHV designs first produced 1962 in Cologne Germany; the V6Cylinder~4.0Liter~SingleOverHeadCams~12Valve engine was produced 1996~2011 for use at several assembly plants as a standard in a variety of 1997~2012 Ford+Mercury+Mazda+LandRover models.

Engine = V6~4.0L~SingleOverHeadCams~12Valve2000.0819 Job2 SubAssembly@Germany.Cologne
Engine Block = Ford# 1L2z-6006-aarm\ 1L2z-6006-abrm \ Label# 1g-980-aa.baL-880-k
Engine Rating = 205~210hp 151~155kw @5000~5250rpm \ 238~254ftLb 322~344nm @3000~3750rpm
Engine Fittings = BalanceShaft + PlasticThrottle + PlasticIntake + PlasticValveCovers & OilFill@Rght
Oil+Filter = 5w30.Blended + Ford#fL820s Swapped To 0w30\20.FullSyn + K&N#hp2011, M22*1.5Thread
ThermoStat = Stock PlasticHousing + 192f89cStat Swapped To AlumHousing + 183f84cStat
Radiator = Stock 1CorePlasticTanks + 16psiCap + Hoses Swapped To 4CoreAllAlum + 18psiCap + SSFlex
Coolant = 50%EG/50%H2O
5SpeedAutoTransmission P~R~N~D~2~1+OD = Ford# 1L5z-7000-earm\ 1L5z-7v000-erm \ 5r55e
ATF+Filter = MerconV + Ford# xL2z-7a098-da \ ft-134
2~4WheelManualTransferCase 2WHi~4WHi~4WLo = Ford# 1L54-7a195-ab \ 1354-000-029.5h
TCF = MerconLV

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