2001_Ford_Explorer_Sport_Trac Wiki

2001~2002 Ford ExplorerSportTrac's have stock Front Disc Brakes & Rear Drum Brakes, as is this vehicle,
& then later 2003~2011 Ford ExplorerSportTrac's have stock Disc Brakes both on the Front & on the Rear.

Brake fluid per the specification in the OwnersGuide is GlycolEtherBased type DOT3 BoilingPoint401f;
also DOT4 BoilingPoint446f or DOT5.1 BoilingPoint500f may be used or mixed. Beware, SiliconeBased type DOT5 is NOT compatible & should NOT be used\mixed with GlycolEtherBased DOT3\4\5.1 fluids.
Thus preference is DOT4 considering its higher BoilingPoint, compatibility, availability & reasonable cost.

Size & Torq specs for the Brake bolts are as follows:

  • Front Disc MtngBolts 2ea \ ?m???oDia~?m???Thrd*?m???Long*0m015HxHd \ 85.00pf=115.2nmTorq
  • Front Disc SlideBolts 2ea \ ?m???oDia~?m???Thrd*?m???Long*0m013HxHd \ 24.00pf=33.54nmTorq

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