As of this 2020 writing, I am just dumb lucky, not having had any TimingChain component failure with this 20Year old V6-4.0L~SOHC engine; the only item noticed is momentary rattling with very cold morning starts. The recent removal of the lower oil pan & pumps screen was clean without any TimingGuide pieces or other surprises found in the Pan\Screen\Girdle. In 2010, on first becoming aware of the notorious Tensioners+Guides in this engine, I had a trusted mechanic install new Oil Pressurized TimingTensioners, followed by an Oil Flush+Change; I have since used lighter 0w30\0w20~FullSyn oil. Now the engine is 100kMiles+10Yrs older & is (or was) overdue for new OilPressurized Tensioners; both myself & vehicle have retired from daily commutes, & it's assigned to snow plow duty or occasional substitute for the car, thus wife assigned me this maintenance chore, as detailed below.
The IACValve SetScrew was also adjusted, lowering StartingFlare by approximately 500rpm, as part of an effort to generally reduce engine wear during StartUp, specificly to reduce wear on TimingChainGuide components.

TimingTensioner Tools

TimingTensioner At EngineLeftDriversSide

Compared to the right Tensioner below, the left is harder to access with little working room between the Manifold & TStat Housing; a TempSensor on the TStat Housing was moved to improve clearance; click here for details.

TimingTensioner At EngineRightPassengerSide

EngineColdStart Procedure

When a V6~4.0L~SOHC Engine hasn't run for 12 hours or longer, this EngineColdStart routine is recommended
for general PreLubrication of the Engine critical components & specificly to PrePressurize the TimingTensioners.

  • Turn Key To RUN Not START, Let InstrumentCluster Lamp+BuzzerTest Complete
  • Push+Hold GasPedal To Floor, InstrumentCluster OilPressureNeedle Should Be At Zero
  • Turn Key To START, Let Engine CRANK Without Starting Until OilPressureNeedle Moves Or ~10secs
  • Release GasPedal, Let Engine START, Then Allow Key To SpringReturn To RUN
  • InstrumentCluster OilPressureNeedle Should Quickly Rise+Hold At MidGage Position

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