Engine Oil PressureSwitch+Needle

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1997~2012 Ford V6~4.0L~SOHC Engines have a FactoryEquipped OilPressureSwitch on the FrontLeftSide;
note, this is only a simple Switch which toggles Off~On at 6~8psi; it is not a fully variable PressureSensor;
thus despite appearance the InstrumentCluster OilPressureNeedle is Off~On only & is not a variable Gage.

EngineColdStart Procedure

If V6~4.0L~SOHC Engine hasn't run for 12 hours or longer, this EngineColdStart routine is recommended
for general PreLub of the Engine critical components & specificly to PrePressurize the TimingTensioners.

  • Turn Key To RUN Not START, Let InstrumentCluster Lamp+BuzzerTest Complete
  • Push+Hold GasPedal To Floor, InstrumentCluster OilPressureNeedle Should Be At Zero
  • Turn Key To START, Let Engine CRANK Without Starting Until OilPressureNeedle Moves Or ~10secs
  • Let Key SpringReturn To RUN, Engine CRANK Should Stop
  • Release GasPedal, Turn Key To START; When Engine STARTS, Let Key SpringReturn To RUN
  • OilPressureNeedle Should Quickly Rise+Hold At MidGage Position
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