2001_Ford_Explorer_Sport_Trac Wiki

Tools & Supplies Required


  • Remove Plug, Allow Oil To Drain, Then Replace Plug HandTight
  • Remove 8of10 5mmDiam~0.8Thrd~20mmLong~10mmHxHd Pan Bolts
  • Loosen 2of10 5mmDiam~0.8Thrd~20mmLong~10mmHxHd Pan Bolts But Leave In Place
  • Using A Thin+Clean Scrapper, Gently Loosen Pan & Old Gasket, Do Not Scratch MatingSurfaces
  • With Pan Hanging On 2 Remaining Bolts, Allow More Oil To Drain From Pan Flange
  • While Supporting The Loose Pan Level, Remove 2 Remaining Bolts & Drop Pan Onto A ShopRag
  • Inspect Pan Interior For Metal\PlasticShavings\Slivers\Grit\Brokens Or LoosePaint
  • Loosen OilScreen M5Diam~0.8Thrd~20mmLong~5/16"HxHd Bolt; Retainer Keeps It From Falling Out
  • Remove OilScreen From The OilPumpInletTube With A Gentle Twist, Easy As These Are Plastic Parts
  • Inspect OilScreen+Tube+ConnectingORings For Metal\PlasticShavings & Loose\BrokenParts
  • Vacuum\BlowOut Any Material\Particles; Use Carb+Throttle Cleaner To Remove Grime+Sludge
  • Optional SpringHoseClamp On OilTube ORing Connection, WormGearHoseClamp NOT Recommended
  • Optional LiteSmear Of RTV On OilTube ORing, Replace ORing If Brittle\Cracked\Worn
  • If Pan Is Dirty\Rusty, Brush Clean & Paint BottomExteriorSide; Replace With New Pan If Warped
  • RTV On Pan Flange\Gasket Is NOT Recommended; It Will Cause Leaks; Learned This The Hard Way
  • ReInstall Pan Bolts; HandStart Then WrenchTight To 7ftLb=80InLb Max

EngineColdStart Procedure

If a V6~4.0L~SOHC Engine hasn't run for 12hours or longer, this EngineColdStart routine is recommended,
in order to generally PreLubricate Engine components & specificly to PrePressurize the TimingTensioners.

  • Turn Key To RUN Not START, Let InstrumentCluster Lamp+BuzzerTest Complete
  • Push+Hold GasPedal To Floor, InstrumentCluster OilPressureNeedle Should Be At Zero
  • Turn Key To START, Let Engine CRANK Without Starting Until OilPressureNeedle Moves Or ~10secs
  • Let Key SpringReturn To RUN, Engine CRANK Should Stop
  • Release GasPedal, Turn Key To START; When Engine STARTS, Let Key SpringReturn To RUN
  • OilPressureNeedle Should Quickly Rise+Hold At MidGage Position

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