Oil+Filter changes are an often neglected, greasy, lowly task, however they do preserve & extend a vehicles life. For vehicles or engines under warranty, best to Use+Document OEM spec Fluids+Filters+ServiceIntervals, so to not void that consumer protection. For a new vehicle\engine, changing all fluids & filters after the first ~100miles & again at 1000miles is recommended to clear away particulate generated during BreakIn, then routine 5k~10k mile ServiceIntervals should be followed & adjusted for severe conditions. After factory warranties have expired, opinions & preferences do vary; for this 2001.Ford.ExST, any warranty lapsed many Miles\Years ago & thus the Oil+Filter+ServiceInterval are now as noted below, adjusted for duty, some technical improvement & preference.

The Factory\OEM OwnersGuide Oil spec for this engine is 5quarts of Ford# 5w30.Blended made by Conoco.
Considering the notorious OilPressurized TimingTensioners in this engine & its snow plowing service in winter,
after the warranty expired, I switched to using 0w20.FullSyn Each Autumn & 0w30.FullSyn Each Spring.
YearRound I'd use 0w20 in colder climates, 0w30 in more typical climates, 0w40 in extremely hot climates.
Proudly being a CheapBas'ard, the usual choice is the least expensive brand at WalMart, labeled compliant with
AmericanPetroleumInstitute\API, SocietyAutoEngineers\SAE & InternationalLubeSpecApprovalCommittee\ILSAC.

The Factory\OEM OwnersGuide Filter spec for this engine is a Ford#fL820s\f1az-6731-bd made by Purolator.
Oil Filters with 0.750"Diam*16tpiThrd are typical on V6~4.0L~SOHC SubAssemblies dated ~2000May17\Before.
Oil Filters with 22mmDiam*1.5mmThrd are typical on V6~4.0L~SOHC SubAssemblies dated ~2000May18\After,
as it is for my engine built 2000Aug18. Below are specifications & debatable opinions on three Filters I've used:

Tools+Supplies Required

Oil Change+Filter Procedure

  • Remove Oil FillCap
  • Remove DrainBolt; Allow Oil To Fully Drain
  • Clean+Inspect DrainBolt+DrainWasher
  • If DrainWasher Is Worn\Damaged, Replace With 1/8"Slice Of 1/2"ID Fuel\Oil\Heater Hose
  • Install DrainValve If Replacing DrainBolt, Otherwise ReInstall DrainBolt
  • HandStart Then WrenchTight Max19ftLb, Do NOT OverTighten
  • Remove Old Filter, Use OffOnlyWrench\Strap If Needed
  • Make Sure Old RubberSeal Comes Off With Old Filter
  • Wipe Down Filter Seat+Threads & Around DrainBolt With A Clean ShopRag
  • Wipe New Filter RubberSeal With Clean Oil
  • Install New Filter; HandStart+1HandTight+2Hand90deg, Do NOT Use OffOnlyWrench\Strap
  • Fill Engine With 5qts Of New Oil Then Replace FillCap
  • Start+Idle Engine 5min Then 30min CoolDown
  • Check DipStick & For Leaks; Tighten Filter+DrainBolt\Valve If Needed, Add Oil If Needed
  • After 1st Drive & 30min CoolDown Again Check DipStick & For Leaks

EngineColdStart Procedure

When a V6~4.0L~SOHC Engine hasn't run for 12 hours or longer, this EngineColdStart routine is recommended
for general PreLubrication of the Engine critical components & specificly to PrePressurize the TimingTensioners.

  • Turn Key To RUN Not START, Let InstrumentCluster Lamp+BuzzerTest Complete
  • Push+Hold GasPedal To Floor, InstrumentCluster OilPressureNeedle Should Be At Zero
  • Turn Key To START, Let Engine CRANK Without Starting Until OilPressureNeedle Moves Or ~10secs
  • Release GasPedal, Let Engine START, Then Allow Key To SpringReturn To RUN
  • InstrumentCluster OilPressureNeedle Should Quickly Rise+Hold At MidGage Position

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