The ElectronicDistributorlessIgnitionSystem-6cylinder\EDIS-6, fitted in this 2001 ExplorerSportTrac, first became a Ford standard in the late 1980s; an innovative yet relatively simple SolidState design, which eliminated legacy MechanicalDistributors & the related Reliability\Maintenance issues, plus reduced production costs. EDIS-6 was typical on Ford V6 engines thru 2012, then was generally superceded by CoilOnPlug\COP Ignition systems.
Ignition components still degrade & fail; replacement every ~100kMiles helps maintain efficiency & performance;
not doing so will likely contribute to premature failure of the CatConvertors, which are a much more costly repair.

Before removing any Ignition component, sketch a system diagram or take pics as above, noting the orientation
of the CoilPack, Wires, Plugs & their relative connections, so to avoid a later mix up of the Cylinder Firing Order.

Ignition Plugs

This V6~4.0L~SOHC engine, made 2000Aug in Germany.Cologne, was factory built with 2 types of Ignition Plug:
3ea Ford.agsf22pm PlatinumTip+CopperGround=SinglePlatinums were used as Plugs for right cylinders 1+2+3;
3ea Ford.agsf22pgm CopperTip+PlatinumGround=SinglePlatinums were used as Plugs for left cylinders 4+5+6;
logic at the time was likely the price of SinglePlatinums versus DoublePlatinums & reduced manufacturing costs.
EDIS fires Plugs 1+2+3 & 4+5+6 at opposing Voltages, allowing the unique FactoryOE opposing SinglePlatinum
Ford.agsf22pm & agsf22pgm Plugs, though they're strictly OriginalEquipment & available only to Ford factories;
Ford.agsf22fm=agsf22pp=sp500 or original maker AutoLite.app103 are the standard replacement for all six.
Click here for the catalog specs of these Plugs & again here for a chart diagnosing various Plug conditions.

Ignition Wires

Ford.5u2z-12259-c is the FactoryOE Ignition Wire set & Ford.wr6120 is the spec Ignition Wire set, shown below;
these old 8mmOD Wire Lengths are 32i5, 32i5, 26i5, 17i5, 14i5, 12i5 plus the 3i75 PlugBoot & 1i75 CoilBoot.

Orignals, worn but not failed @240kMiles; replaced with DayUSA.max28747 \ Moroso.8689 wires, shown below;
these new 8mmOD Wire Lengths are 32i5, 27i5, 27i5, 19i5, 17i5, 17i5 plus the 3i75 PlugBoot & 1i75 CoilBoot.

Before installing each Wire, the metal Contacts were lightly cleaned using Alcohol & CottonSwab\BarrelBrush,
& DiElectric was lightly applied inside each Boot with a CottonSwab; do NOT put DiElectric on metal Contacts.
If any of the Wire Keepers\Looms are broken or missing, click here for video instructions on making new ones.

Ignition CoilPack

Ford.90tf-12029-a1a is the FactoryOE CoilPack part number & Ford.dge446 is the spec replacement CoilPack;
this "EDIS-6" triple Coil fires each Plug twice per cycle, with the 2nd "Wasted Spark" during the exhaust stroke.

Ford.f67f-18801-aa is a RadioNoiseSuppressorCapacitor that's wired between the CoilPack frame & 12v supply; usually 25microFarad, it minimizes ignition noise & interference with this vehicles Radio & nearby Radios+TVs.

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