In 2020Jun, while replacing TimingTensioners, CoolantThermoStatHousing had to be removed to access the
left Tensioner; while draining Coolant, discovered a 6inch leaking split in the old 2RowPlasticTankedRadiators
right tank & drain. Described below is the new 4RowAllAlumRadiator which I installed & hopefully it lasts just as
long. Swapping Old~For~New Radiators was a generally easy Like~For~Like process with 2 notable differences:
~ TubingFlare Fittings for the old TransCooler had to be GroundShort ~0i500 0m013 to fit new TransCooler.
~ The old MINI Standard Capwill not fit the new Radiator; it required purchasing a new SAEA Standard Cap .

Update 2021Apr 10Months Later: Combo change to 4Core\Row AllAluminum Radiator & 183f ThermoStat is working well; during >95f or <20f weather & long drags up steep mountain grades or idling in hot summer traffic, engine\coolant runs steady at 182~185f. 4Core capacity provides added insurance against overheating & does NOT create any operating issue; 183f ThermoStat with ModifiedBypassDisc runs cooler & allows a higher flow.

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