For this 2001 model V6~4.0L~SOHC engine assembled on 2000.0819, the AirIntake IdleAutoControlValve\IACV,
image above, is in easy view+reach behind the Throttle, atop the Manifold throat. The ECM\ECU\PCM computer
controls StartingFlare RPMs via this valve, depending on valve SetScrew adjustment, & targets specific WarmUp
RPMs. The soft rubber FactorySeal over the SetScrew may be removed with a razor knife for adjustments; RTV
may be used to make a new seal once adjustments are done. Periodic removal+cleaning of the IACV with spray
CarbCleaner & a soft bristle brush is recommended; also inspect+lube the Figure8 ORing & replace as needed.
The flange MountingBolts are 8mmHexHeads; the SetScrew is a 5mmAllenHead. Listed below are my own IACV
SetScrew adjustments which lowered engine StartingFlare by approximately 500rpms; this was done in an effort
to generally minmize engine wear during starts, specificly to reduce wear on TimingChain+Guide components.

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