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The FactoryOE AirIntake Filter Housing is in the RightFore corner of the engine compartment. Shown & listed below are several PanelStyle PaperElement Filters with dimensions Width*Length*Height, that fit in this housing.

Tools are not required to open the stock Filter housing; this Filter should be removed+inspected at least every 6months & replaced if dirty, more often for high mileage or if road conditions are notably dusty\muddy\snowy:

  • Shutoff Engine, then disconnect MAssFlowSensor & PositiveCaseVentTube from the AirIntake Duct.
  • Open the 2 QuickLatches on the inboard side of Filter Housing UpperCover.
  • Slide UpperCover ~1inch sideways to release it, slightly compressing the Duct accordion.
  • Lift UpperCover to reveal the Filter; a BungyCord is handy to hold the UpperCover out of the way.
  • Remove+inspect the Filter; replace with a new Filter if visibly dirty.
  • CompressedAir <60psi BackBlow is a temporary fix for a dirty Filter until a new clean Filter is available.
  • Remove any dirt or debris from the Filter Housing LowerBody; RodentNests are often found here.
  • Reverse above procedures for reassembly; don't forget to reconnect both MAFSensor & PCVTube.

Housing LowerBody Modification

In 2020May, I began experimenting with the Filter Housing LowerBody shown below, removing the InletRestrictor & eventually cutting away most of the box, leaving the mounting pins & basic frame. This extreme CheeseBox modification removes a potential RodentNest, maximizes AirFlow, stays compatible with FactoryOE Filters, & costs $0 for parts. If results are not satisfactory after running a few months, I'll revert to a JunkYard original.

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