Electrical OnBoardDiagnosisPort

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This 2001 ExST, like most 1997+Later Autos, has the OnBoardDiagnosis2\OBD2 ComsPort under the Dash.
For many years I kept a basic OBD2 Scanner that would read & reset only the StandardSAE TroubleCodes;
I now also have the items below, which allow extensive access to TroubleCodes, Signals & Configurations:

OBDLink#MX+ Module with WirelessBT to AndroidPhon with OBDLinkApp + ForScanLite + TorquePro
* Reads+Resets+Graphs both StandardSAE & ProprietaryOEM Data
* DashBoardMode for viewing Temps & Signals while Driving
* Used for Routine Maintenance & DailyMonitoring

OBDLink#EX Module with CabledUSB to WindowsPC with OBDLinkWiz + ForScanLLE
* Reads+Resets+Graphs+Configures both StandardSAE & ProprietaryOEM Data
* Faster & easier than ToggleSwitch ELM327 ComsModules
* Used for InDepth Maintenance & Configurations

Above ODB2 items are personal preference; there are many options which vary widely in cost & function.
An Ohm+Volt+Amp\MultiMeter is also handy+essential; using the same digital Fluke meter 30years+ now.

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