This 2001 Ford ExST, like most 1997+Later Autos, has an OnBoardDiagnosis2 ComsPort under the left Dash.
After keeping a basic OBD2 Scanner in the GloveBox for several years that reads & resets only StandardSAE
TroubleCodes, I now also use these items that allow for complete access to all Codes, Signals & Configurations:

OBDLink#MXP OBD2~WirelessBT ComsModule & OBDLink+Torque+Carista Apps & AndroidPhon
* Reads+Resets+Graphs both StandardSAE & ProprietaryAutoMaker Codes.
* DashBoardMode for viewing Temps & Signals while driving.
* Used for Routine Maintenance & DailyMonitoring.

OBDLink#EX OBD2~CabledUSB ComsModule & OBDLink+ForScan Apps & WindowsPC
* Reads+Resets+Graphs+Configures both StandardSAE & ProprietaryAutoMaker Codes.
* Faster & easier than ToggleSwitch ELM327 ComsModules.
* Used for InDepth Maintenance & Configurations.

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Thanks go to the brave souls who've preceded me in similar adventures & freely shared their experience below: OBD2 Pins OBD2 Pins OBD2 1996~2013.Ford OBD2 2001.Ford Mdul+Apps+OpSy OBDLinkEX+ForScanApp+WindowsPC\OBDLinkMXP+OBDLinkApp+AndroidPhon Mdul+Apps+OpSy OBDLinkEX+ForScanApp+WindowsPC Mdul+Apps+OpSy OBDLinkMXP+OBDLinkApp+AndroidPhon Mdul+Apps+OpSy OBDLinkMXP+OBDLinkApp+AndroidPhon Graphs+Logs Mdul+Apps+OpSy Mdul+Apps+OpSy Mdul+Apps+OpSY Mdul+Apps+OpSy TroublCode List TroublCode LookUp TroublCode P1000=TestIncomplete\HowToClear TroublCode P1000=TestIncomplete\HowToClear Apps SCT#x4+LasotaTune Apps Hack Apps Hack Apps Hack
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