Read & watch the ForumThreads & Videos listed below for details on removing the center Air+Radio panel, then left InstrumentCluster panel, to allow replacing Bulbs. Installing LightEmittingDiodes\LEDs in place of the original IncandescentBulbs is NOT recommended, as LEDs will NOT properly operate in several of the circuits & despite advertising, LEDs are NOT as reliable\durable\simple as Bulbs. Some patience & these basic items are needed:

* 12v11wBulbs 16ea T5mmWedge*18mmLong: Sylvania#906\912, Do NOT Use 18w Sylvania#921
* 12v3wBulbs 8ea T10mmWedge*23mmLong: Sylvania#161\194, Do NOT Use 5w Sylvania#168\2825
* ElectricalSprayCleaner +700gSandPaper\EmeryCloth
* 7mm HexHead Socket+Driver\Ratchet
* ChannelLockPliers +NeedleNosePliers
* JewelersMini FlatScrewDriver
* MultiMeter With Ohm+Continuity+VDC Modes


Thanks go to the brave souls who've preceded me in similar adventures & freely shared their experience below: Center+LeftDash Assembly Center+LeftDash Assembly Instrument Lamps: LEDs, DONT DO IT! Instrument Lamps Instrument Lamps Instrument Swap Instrument Swap Instrument OdoMeter Instrument OdoMeter Instrument GearIndicator UpperConsole Install UpperConsole Fix UpperConsole Fix UpperConsole Fix UpperConsole UpGrade
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