Read & watch the ForumThreads & Videos listed below for details on removing the center Air+Radio panel, then
left InstrumentCluster panel, to allow replacing Lamps. Installing LightEmittingDiods\LEDs in place of the original
IncandescentBulbs is NOT recommended, as LEDs will NOT properly operate in several of the circuits & despite
advertising, LEDs are NOT as reliable\durable\simple as Bulbs. Some patience & items listed below are needed.
DashCenter+Left are very much alike for 1998~2003 Explorer+MazdaB+Mountaineer+Ranger+Sport+SportTrac;
1998~2003 Clusters have a Black\Gray Frame with Black\White GageBacks with\wOut 4WHi+4WLo Indicators.
1995~1997 Clusters are compatible but do NOT have a Tach & maybe swapped out with 1998~2003 Clusters.
2004+Later HybridElectronicClusters\HECs securely mate with each vehicles PCM & are NOT easily swapped.

LitBulbs T10mmWedg*23mmLong 12volt 3\4watt Sylvania# 161\194
Sockets T10mmWedg*13mmCircuitHoleMt FordMotorCraft# c80z-13711-b
* Do Not Use Higher Wattage Bulbs, They Will Melt Plastic Sockets
* 6each In DashLeft InstrumentCluster
* 2each In DashCenter AirConSelectors
LitBulbs T5mmWedg*18mmLong 12volt 9\13watt Sylvania# 906\912
Sockets T5mmWedg*7mmCircuitHoleMt FordMotorCraft# f57z-13b765-ba
* Do Not Use Higher Wattage Bulbs, They Will Melt Plastic Sockets
* 16each In DashLeft InstrumentCluster
* 2each In DashCenter 4WD+RearWindowSelectors, Sockets Require Mod\Add
* ElectricalSprayCleaner\RubbingAlcohol
* CottonSwabs\700gSandPaper\EmeryCloth
* 7mm HexHead Socket+Driver\Ratchet
* ChannelLockPliers
* NeedleNosePliers
* JewelersMini FlatScrewDriver
* Volt+Ohm+Continuity MultiMeter

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Thanks go to the brave souls who've preceded me in similar adventures & freely shared their experience below:
* 1995~1997 Cluster = Pre HEC wOut Tach
* 1998~2003 Cluster = Pre HEC With Tach
* 2004~2006 Cluster = HEC wOut TestMode
* 2007~2012 Cluster = HEC With TestMode 2001~2003.Ford.ExST+MazdaB+Ranger Lamps Dash Center+Left Assembly Dash Center+Left Assembly Dash Lamps: LEDs, DONT DO IT! Dash Lamps Dash Lamps Dash Lamps Cluster Swap Cluster Swap Cluster Swap BkGrColor Cluster OdoMeter Cluster OdoMeter Cluster GearIndicator UpperConsole InStall UpperConsole Fix UpperConsole Fix UpperConsole Fix UpperConsole UpGrade
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