Auto 5Speed With DeepPan + ISSensor + ColumnShift P~R~N~D~2~1+ODToglButton + ClusterLamp "OD OFF"

Transmission Fluid

Capacity 10q30 9L800. Do NOT use MerconLV \ SP \ ULV or TypeCVT \ F \ FNR5 Fluids; they'll damage Ford 5r55e Transmissions. Only use Fluid that is Compatible\Compliant with the MerconV specs such as:


MerconV.BlendedATF Options

MerconV.FulSynATF Options

MerconV Manufacturers Info

Transmission Maintenance

For 1995~2002 built Ford 5r55e Transmissions, like this one built late in 2000, an apparent consensus amongst
experienced mechanics is that the maintenance tasks below be performed, so to preserve operation & longevity.
Photos & notes should be taken of each part before disassembly or removal, as required for proper reassembly.
Use a PermanentMarker & PlasticZipperBags to tag & store smaller parts; this will keep them organized & clean.

These items should be done AsSoonAsPossible\ASAP:

~ With DripPan & ShopRags ready for 4~7qts of ATF (2WD ShallowPan holds less, 4WD DeepPan holds more),
unclip & move the HeatShield off the right Pan Flange, then loosen the FactoryOriginal Pan by slowly loosening
the 18 FlangeBolts & using a clean ThinBladeScrapper as needed to carefully crack the Flange & Gasket open.
Patiently allow the ATF to drain & drip into the DripPan; don't be in a hurry to take an ATF shower; roughly 2qts
can be prepumped out of the DipStickTube to minimize this mess. Loosen & remove FlangeBolts in slow stages,
allowing time for the ATF to drain & drip. As the last FlangeBolt is removed, carefully lower the Pan & empty the
remaining Fluid to the DripPan. Measure & note the total pumped + drained Fluid throughout this procedure as
an estimate of refill quarts needed later. The original Pan was factory fitted with no Drain; it's recommended the
original be swapped to an aftermarket Pan with a DrainBung or drill & weld a new DrainBung in the original Pan,
then add a DrainMagneticBolt or DrainBrassBallValve; adding a Drain makes routine ATF changes much easier.
Slowly loosen the 1 Bolt holding the Filter to the bottom of the ValveBody; if needed carefully pry the Filter loose
with its Bolt partially engaged; allow ATF to drain & drip. When drip is stopped, unbolt & remove the Filter & its 2
ORings; again allow Fluid to drain from the ValveBody. Inspect & clean Pan+Magnet; remove old gasket & clean
both Flanges; disect & inspect the Filter; make note of any fines or debris. Here are search links for these parts.

  • Record Type+Diam+Lgth+Locations Of PanBolts??ea, Torq@?
  • Record Type+Diam+Lgth+Location+Position Of ShiftDetent+Bolt1ea, Torq@?
  • Record Type+Diam+Lgth+Locations Of ValvBodyBolts23ea, Torq@71~97pI=8~11nm In 3Passes
  • Install ValveBodyUpdateKit With PresReliefBlowOff

FordTSB# kt315p \ 3L5z-7m203-ja ~$14 Or TransGo# sk-44-55e \ 23935 ~$51, Alternative To FordTSB

  • Install ValveBodyBoostKit, Sonnax# 37947-01k ~$?
  • Install ValveBodyShiftKit With Parts For 5psiPresIncrease, Superior# k5r55e \ s56165h ~$?
  • Install SeperatorPlateWithBondedGaskets, Ford# 1L5z-7z490-ca\da\ea\fa\ga\ha \ 98gt-7z490-aa\ba \ xL2p-7z490-ca\da ~$38
  • Record Type+Diam+Lgth+Locations Of ReversServo Bolts4ea, Torq@?
  • Inspect ValveBodyReversServo Piston+Rod For Damage
  • Replace ValveBodyReversServo FactoryRubberORings Ford# ? With UpgradeVitonDRings TPUSA# 230-00023256k ~$6
  • Replace ValveBodyReversServo Gasket Ford# d4zz-7L173-a ~$6, or TPUSA# 230-000023128 ~$3
  • Replace ValveBodySolenoidBracket\Plate\Retainer, Ford# xL2z-7L491-aa ~$7

Bolt Torq=53~71LbIn=6~8NwtM

  • Check Solenoids For Jiggle, Adjust+Bend PlateBracket To Tighten
  • Replace Solenoid+TempSensor WiringHarness Ford# ?
  • Install Pan DrainBrassBallValve\DrainMagneticBolt
  • Replace IntermediatServo On Tran RightSide Ford# ?
  • Replace IntermediatServiSnapRing+Cover Ford# ?
  • Replace OverDriveServo On Tran RightSide Ford# ?
  • Replace OverDriveServoSnapRing+Cover Ford# ?
  • Install External TransCooler 2ndUnit ParallelTo 1stUnit, Fans Optional
  • Install External TransCooler Filter
  • Install External TransCooler TStatDivertor
  • Replace External TransCooler Hoses

These items should be done every 5k~6kMiles\6Mths:

  • TransATF 2qtPartChange With Each EnginOil 5qtFullChange

These items should be done every 67kMiles\6Yrs:

  • Check Pan+Magnet+ValveBody For Debris+Damage, Clean As Needed
  • Replace Intermediate+OverDrive BandServos+CapORings
  • Check Intermediat+OverDrive Bands For Damage, Tighten As Needed

Hold BandStud In Place, Loosen JamNut
Tighten BandStud To 10LbFt 120LbIn Then BackOff 1.50~2.00TurnsCCW
Hold BandStud In Place, Tighten JamNut To 35~45LbFt

  • Replace ModulatedSolenoid ElecPresControl\EPC, 2RedScreens, 3.1~5.7ohms=Good

Ford# 9L2z-7g383-a \ xL2z-7g383-aa \ f77z-7g383-aa, $70@Ford

  • Adjust New EPCSolenoid Before Install, Torx20 SetScrew 1/4CW=10~20psiIncrease
  • Replace ModulatedSolenoid TorqConvertorClutch\TCC, 8.9~16ohms=Good, Ford# ?, ~$?
  • ReTorq ValveBodyBolts
  • Replace TransPanGasket
  • Replace Internal TransFilter
  • Replace External TransFilter
  • Disect+Inspect OldFilters For Debris
  • Replace+TopOff ATF Lost With PanDrop, 6~7qts

These items should be done every 133kMiles\12Yrs:

  • Replace 1stGearSolenoid ShiftSequencA\SSA, 22~48ohms=Good, Ford# ?
  • Replace 2ndGearSolenoid ShiftSequencB\SSB, 22~48ohms=Good, Ford# ?
  • Replace 3rdGearSolenoid ShiftSequencC\SSC, 22~48ohms=Good, Ford# ?
  • Replace 4thGearSolenoid ShiftSequencD\SSD\CCS, 22~48ohms=Good, Ford# ?
  • Replace ValveBodySolenoidWiringHarness Ford# ?

Transmission Parts & Tools

ValveBody Solenoids6ea +PanGasket +Filter

  • Borg# 45018t + 56710h + 56841 + 56842a + 56843a

ValveBody Tester

  • Ford# Rotunda ~$400

Tran ReBuildKit

  • Ford# f77z-7153-aa Gasket
  • Ford# xL2z-7a098-ca Screen
  • Ford# 4L5z-7d034*aa Band
  • Ford# 4L5z-7a100-ba Controls
  • Ford# 1L5z*7b164*ba DrivePlates4ea
  • Ford# f77z*7b442*aa SteelDrivePlate4ea

Links To Related Info

Thanks go to the brave souls who've preceded me in similar adventures & freely shared their experience below: Spec Spec Fluid Ford# xt-5-qm \ xt-5-5qm \ MerconV.BaseOilATF Fluid Ford# xt-5-qm \ xt-5-5qm \ MerconV.BaseOilATF Fluid Ford# xt-5-qsm \ MerconV.BlendedATF Fluid Spec + ServiceInterval PanDrop+GasketNew+ValvePlatNew+ValvKit+EPCAdjust+TransCooler2 EPCAdjust EPCAdjust EPCNew FluidNew@DipStick FluidNew@DipStick PanDrop+PanGasketNew+FluidNew PanDrop+PanGasketNew+FilterNew+FluidNew PanDrop+PanGasketNew+FilterNew+FluidNew PanDrop+PanGasketNew+FilterNew+FluidNew PanDrop+PanGasketNew+FilterNew+FluidNew+FluidFlush PanDrop+PanGasketNew+ValveBoltTorq+FilterNew+FluidNew PanDrop+PanGasketNew+ValveBodyClean+FilterNew+FluidNew PanDrop+PanGasketNew+ValveSolenoidsNew+ValvePlatNew+FilterNew+FluidNew PanDrop+PanGasketNew+ValveSolenoidsNew+ValvePlatNew+FilterNew+FluidNew PanDrop+PanGasket+DrainValveNew+FilterNew+FluidNew PanDrop+PanGasketNew+DrainValveNew+FilterNew+FluidNew Fail Xmpl Diagnos+Fix Diagnos ValveBody TorqSpecs ValveBody PinOut ValveBody Parts ValveBody Parts ValveBody Parts ValvePlat NputShaft Fix Swap Diagnos Diagnos "OD OFF" LampBlink Diagnos TroublCode Diagnos TroublCode P0720 P0722 P0755 P0758 Diagnos Temp Diagnos 1stGearSlow Diagnos 1stGearBrak Fix Fix Fix Fix 2nd~3rdRPMsFlare Diagnos 2nd~3rdRPMsFlare Diagnos 2nd~3rdRPMsFlare Diagnos NoRevers Diagnos+Fix, Cause=BrokenIntermediatServoCoverSnapRing ValveBody Removal ValveBody Fix ValveBody Fix ValveBody Fix ValveBody Fix ValveBody Fix ValveBody Fix ValveBody Fix FordTSB# 2010.0322 ValveBody Fix ValveBody ValveBody BlowOffReliefValve Ford# 3L5z-7m203-ja\kt315p + BondedPlat Ford# 1L5z-7z490-ha Per FordTSB# 2010.0322 ValveBody BlowOffReliefValve Ford# 3L5z-7m203-ja\kt315p + BondedPlat Ford# 1L5z-7z490-ha Per FordTSB# 2010.0322 Bands Fix Bands Fix OuputSpeedSensor Fix Cooler Ports@Transmission Cooler Hose 3/8" 9.5mm Cooler Mod Cooler Mod Cooler Mod Cooler Mod Cooler Mod Cooler Mod Cooler Mod Cooler Fan Cooler UpGrade+Filter+TStatDivertor & LargerPan Cooler Filter Cooler Filter+Flush FordTSB# 2000.0923 Cooler Flush MazdaTSB# 2006.1212 Cooler TStat Mod TotalReman Vs ValveBodyFix Vs PanDrop+FilterNew+GasketNew+FluidNew TotalReman
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