Year Make Model = 2001 Ford ExplorerSportTrac2000.09??=Job2 FinalAssembly@USKy.Louisville
Engine = V6Cylinder~4.0Liter~SingleOverHeadCams~12Valve2000.0819=Job2 SubAssembly@Germany.Cologne
Engine Ratings = 205~210hp 151~155kw @5000~5250rpm \ 238~254ftLb 322~344nm @3000~3750rpm
Engine Fittings = BalanceShaft + PlasticThrottleBody + PlasticIntakeManifold + PlasticValveCovers & OilFill@Rght
Engine Oil+Filter = 5w30.Blended + Ford#fL820s Swapped To 0w30\0w20.FullSyn + K&N#hp2011, 22mmDiam*1.5mmThrd
Engine ThermoStat = PlasticHousing + 192f89cStat Swapped To AlumHousing + 183f84cStat
Engine Radiator = 2RowPlasticTanked + 16psiCap + RubberHoses Swapped To 4RowAllAlum + 18psiCap + SSFlexHoses
Transmission = 5SpeedAuto P~R~N~D~2~1+OD ColumnShift, Ford#1L5z-7000-earm\ 1L5z-7v000-erm \ 5r55e.4WD
TransferCase = 3Position 2WHi~4WHi~4WLo DashSelector, Ford#1L54-7a195-ab \ 1354-000-029.5h
Axles = Rear 4.1Ratio~8i800~LimitedSlipDifferential \ Fore 4.1Ratio~8i800~StandardSlipDifferential
Brakes = Rear AntiLockDrums \ Fore AntiLockDiscs
Rims+HubCaps = 16i00Diam*7i000Wide*12mmOffSet \ 5Lugs@4i500Diam \ Aluminum, FactoryStock
Tires = 255*70R16.AllTerrain Swapped To 245*70R16.Mud+Snow Improving LoEndTorq+WinterTraction
WheelBase = 125i9 3m198 Rear~Fore \ 58i38 1m483 Left~Rght
Fuel = 20.5gal 77.6Lit Cpty \ UnLeaded 85oct 10%eth Typical, 91oct 0%eth Preferred \ 16.5~18.5mpg 7.01~7.87kpL Typical
Weight = 4259Lb 1932kg Min \ 5560Lb 2522kg Max
Towing = 350Lb 159kg TongueMax \ 3500Lb 1588kg Trailer~DeadWeightHitch \ 5080Lb 2304kg Trailer~DistributingHitch

Maintenance Info

Vehicle Specs+Dimensions+Guides

Engine Oil Change+Filter Maintenance
Engine Oil Pan+Screen Maintenance
Engine Oil PressureSwitch Maintenance
Engine Oil Pressurized TimingTensioner Maintenance
Engine Oil ValveCoverGaskets Maintenance

Engine Belt Serpentine+Tensioner+Idler Maintenance

Engine Coolant Fan+Clutch+Pump Maintenance
Engine Coolant Radiator+Cap Maintenance
Engine Coolant ThermoStat Maintenance
Engine Coolant HeaterValve Maintenance

Engine AirIntake Filter Maintenance
Engine AirIntake MAssFlowSensor Maintenance
Engine AirIntake Throttle Maintenance
Engine AirIntake IdleAutoControlValve Maintenance
Engine AirIntake ExhaustGasRecirc Maintenance
Engine AirIntake PositiveCaseVent Maintenance
Engine AirIntake Manifold Maintenance

Engine Exhaust OxygenSensor Maintenance

Engine Fuel System Maintenance

Engine Ignition Plugs+Wires+CoilPack Maintenance

Engine AirConSystem Maintenance

Electrical Alternator+Battery Maintenance
Electrical DoorLocks Maintenance
Electrical Fuse+Relay Maintenance
Electrical OnBoardDiagnosisPort Maintenance
Electrical ECU+GEM Computer Maintenance
Electrical Head+TailLamp Maintenance
Electrical DashLamp Maintenance
Electrical SteeringColumn Maintenance
Electrical AudioSystem Maintenance

DriveTrain Transmission Maintenance
DriveTrain TransferCase Maintenance
DriveTrain Differential Maintenance

Mechanical Suspension Maintenance
Mechanical Brakes Maintenance

Exterior Accessory+Body Maintenance
Interior Accessory Maintenance

Maintenance Vids 2001~2005.Ford.ExST 2001~2005.Ford.ExST 2001.Ford.ExST 2002.Ford.ExST 2003.Ford.ExST 2004.Ford.ExST 2005.Ford.ExST 2001-2003.Ford.Ranger 1997~2011.Ford.V6~4.0L~SOHC 2001.Ford.V6~4.0L~SOHC 2002.Ford.V6~4.0L~SOHC 2003.Ford.V6~4.0L~SOHC

Maintenance Talk
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